Venus Cazimi: From Evening Star to Morning Star

Venus has been the hot topic this summer since she entered the sign of Leo back in June. From her chaotic square aspect to Uranus, her almost conjunction with Mars in Leo and her retrograde period, Venus has been in every weekly TikTok video and Instagram post. I mean of course she would be the center of attention; she is transiting Leo after all! But on August 13th, we witness yet another magical cosmic alignment: The Venus Cazimi. 

If you've missed the Lion's Gate Portal but seeing this post, take advantage of this powerful celestial alignment as Venus - the planet of values and desires - is being reborn and regenerated under the Sun's brilliance. 

Every 9 months Venus and the Sun meet together in the sky for what we call the Venus Cazimi. The term Cazimi derives from an Arabic word that means "in the heart of the Sun". During this time, the planet - in this case Venus - is being transformed and renewed under the Sun's energy. This phenomenon marks the halfway period of Venus' retrograde period and her transition from an Evening Star (rising after the Sun and visible at night) to a Morning Star (rising before the Sun and visible at dawn.) 

This transition of Venus signals a time of rebirth, renewal and revitalization. Venus is the planet of love, desires, values and wealth. In astrology, she governs matters of the heart, aesthetics, how we express affection, attraction and our self-worth. When Venus enters the cazimi phase, her energies intertwine intimately with the Sun's radiant vitality as she experiences a major metamorphosis.

As Venus undergoes this transformation, so can we! During this period, we have the opportunity to enhance our relationships, affirm our worth and values, and ignite our passion! I strongly suggest taking advantage and working with this energy in whatever ways you feel called to. Could be by setting intentions regarding love or financial matters, by opening up your heart to new opportunities, or by manifesting your heart's desires. Coincidently for me, I will be in an all-day Chakra Paradise Retreat, and I think there's no better way to celebrate this alignment. 


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