Saturn in Pisces

On March 7th, Saturn the planet of structure, responsibilities and hard work leaves scientific and innovative Aquarius and moves to compassionate Pisces where it will stay until early 2026. 

Saturn is known as the planet of Karma, the planet that teaches us our hardest lessons in order to grow and mature. It represents limits, restrictions, structures, authorities and boundaries. Saturn spends 2 1/2 years in each sign, taking 28-29 years to complete the whole Zodiac. 

Saturn has been in the sign of Aquarius from March of 2020 (with a short retrograde back in Capricorn for a few months in 2020). With Saturn (limits, restrictions) in Aquarius (freedom, humanity) we saw lockdowns, restrictions on what we were allowed to do, numerous strikes, protests and rebellions of all sorts. But we also saw significant shifts in the way we think about society, technology, and innovation (think BLM, crypto, AI development - all things ruled by Aquarius)

The Saturn in Aquarius transit marked a period of significant change and innovation, with a greater focus on technology, social justice, and individualism. The effects of this transit will continue to be felt in the years to come especially as Pluto will enter Aquarius at the end of March where it will revolutionize on a bigger scale everything Saturn started in Aquarius.

Saturn in Pisces - March 2023 - February 2026
Pisces is associated with spirituality, intuition, creativity, dreams. With Saturn's entry into Pisces, it can bring a sense of spiritual awakening and a desire for greater meaning and purpose in life. This can lead to a greater interest in spirituality, meditation, and other practices that help us connect with our inner selves and the world around us.

Saturn's presence in Pisces will ground Pisces' transcendent and ethereal energy. This will solidify our commitment to our spiritual and healing journey but also help set boundaries where we usually lack. In Pisces we can get lost, escape into fantasies or addictions but Saturn is here to give us a reality check and ensure that we set those boundaries and become more mentally and emotionally mature and disciplined. 

This transit can also bring about a greater emphasis on creativity, imagination, and intuitive insights. The focus will shift from technological (Aquarius) to more soulful arts and music (Pisces). Saturn's influence in Pisces can also bring a greater awareness to heal emotional wounds through different forms of healing but also to a development in plant medicine. 
On a world government scale, we can expect topics around gas and oils to be a theme as Pisces also rules gas, oil, large amount of water or anything that is not in solid form; structures and reconstructions around certain religious views or beliefs; and even around the pharmaceutical industry.

Saturn's transit through a sign teaches the biggest lessons as a collective with themes related to the sign it's transiting in. Those lessons usually come through hard reality checks, delays and a lot of discipline. Wherever it is transiting in your own personal chart is where you are being asked to grow up, mature and show your responsible side. 


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