Pisces Season

We enter the magical season of Pisces from February 18th until March 20th, 2023. 

Pisces is a water sign and the very last sign of the zodiac. The water element represents intuition, emotions, and healing. The water signs are Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio, and are the most emotional and intuitive signs. Signs of the same element form a supportive aspect and are in harmony with one another. In other words, they get along and are compatible.

Pisces is ruled by the planets Neptune (planet of imagination, spirituality, and dreams) and Jupiter (planet of expansion, faith, and wisdom). It is the sign of unconditional love, of spirituality and of healing. As we enter this emotional water sign, our intuition is heightened, and our creativity is activated. We can channel our inner mystic, our inner poet or our inner artist during this season. Pisces wants us to dream beyond what we ever thought possible while trusting our intuition and surrendering to the divine. 

As the last of the zodiac, Pisces are sensitive to other’s feelings. They are compassionate, and absorb everything around them. Pisces is also about closure, and inspires us to slow down, to release, and to surrender. Jupiter is limitless and Neptune is boundless which is why Pisces can sometimes struggle with setting boundaries. The biggest lesson Pisces season can teach us is to learn to set boundaries, and not to carry everyone’s problem on our shoulders.

The New Moon in Pisces

Just a few days after the Sun ingresses into Pisces, the Moon enters Pisces forming a New Moon on February 20th 2023. This New Moon in Pisces is centered around healing and closure as it is the last New Moon of the astrological year before the equinox.

Before setting our intentions, this new moon wants us to clear out the past first. Since Pisces is connected to closure and endings, the day before the new moon is a good time to release and reset before manifesting. To clear out the old and make space for the new.

In this magical sign, this New Moon is awakening our intuition and our wildest imagination. We can use this energy to connect with our intuition and receive divine downloads. We may feel more creative, romantic and artistic during this time as Venus (the planet of love and beauty) is in Pisces as well.

A New Moon in Pisces is about trusting that our biggest dreams are already on the way. It is about surrendering our trust to the universe knowing it is already supporting us. It is asking us to take a leap of faith while making the changes we want for our life.

Download the free pdf with more details on Pisces season and the New Moon in Pisces here

Read below for your rising or sun sign to see which area of life this new moon will bring a new beginning:

Aries: this lunation is activating your intuition. Trust yourself and more importantly, trust that the universe has your back. Spend some time meditating to receive some answers.

Taurus: this new moon is activating your 11th house of long term goals and dreams. Set an intention regarding a goal you want to accomplish. Pisces season is asking you to dream big!

Gemini: new beginnings in areas of work and your career. Set intentions regarding your dream job, getting a promotion, or starting that dream project of yours.

Cancer: this new moon wants you to broaden your horizon and to expand your mind and your belief systems. Maybe you want to learn a new skill, or plan a trip or an adventure. It’s giving you a nudge to get out of your comfort zone and explore different things.

Leo: this lunation is activating matters of intimacy and healing. It’s asking you be vulnerable by connecting and bonding with your close ones on a deeper level. Let them really see you!

Virgo: this lunation is providing you with new beginnings with your partnerships. Whether it’s romatic, business or your close personal friendships, this is an opportunity to start anew. Maybe you want to renegotiate something with your partner? Try something different or take a new step? Now is the time to implent them.

Libra: this lunation lights up your 6th house of daily routines, health and habits. Release any old or outdated habits that no longer serve you and adopt a new healthy routine. 

Scorpio: this new moon is activating your inner child! This lunation wants you to be playful. What is something that you love doing but haven’t done in a while? Go do it now.

Sagittarius: this new moon places the focus on home, family matters and emotional foundations. It wants you to go back to your heart and to remember to nurture yourself. What do you need to feel safe? Spend some time at home and reflect on what is really important to you. How can you establish a foundation for what you want? 

Capricorn: this new moon is activating your 3rd house of communication. It wants you to use your voice either by writing, speaking or through social media. Share your brilliant ideas and you message to those around you! 

Aquarius: this new moon is happening in your 2nd house of finances and self worth. It’s providing you with an opportunity to create more income while remembering your value and your worth. 

Pisces: this lunation gives you a blank canvas. An opportunity to create a whole new world for you by using your intuition and your magical gifts.




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