Lion's Gate and 8/8 Significance - What Does It Mean?

We've all heard about the Lion's Gate Portal and the 8/8 activation that every social media account is reposting and regurgitating online. If you haven't, every year on August 8th the internet buzzes with excitement and is flooded with posts like "8/8 the best day of the year to manifest" or "powerful galactic portal is activated." While there is some significance to Lion's Gate, I do believe however that the internet has overhyped what it is and 8/8 has become more of a trend and click bait without an actual understanding of its significance. For starters, the energy of Lion's Gate starts since late July and is not specific to one date. But first, let's dive into what Lion's Gate is:

So, what exactly is the Lion's Gate Portal and its significance?   

From late July until mid-August we witness a cosmic alignment where the earth, the star Sirius and the constellation of Orion align together. Sirius is one of the brightest stars in the sky. Sitting at 14 degrees of Cancer, it is known as our spiritual sun and the gateway that connects us to higher dimensions. Sirius was very important to ancient civilizations particularly the Egyptians, the Greeks and the Babylonians. They revered Sirius and were in tune with its cosmic significance for thousands of years. In fact, the Egyptian calendar was based on the rising of Sirius that occurred right before the annual flooding of the Nile.

Every year during Leo season (hence the Lion) we witness the star Sirius rising above the horizon just before the sun rises. Meaning that the Sirius is "visible" during sunrise from the end of July until mid-August. The veil between the cosmic vibration of Sirius and earth is thin and allows for receiving higher frequency vibrations and activating higher states of consciousness. 

Ok, but what about 8/8?

August 8th (give or take depending on the calendar) corresponds to the peak or halfway point of Leo season which is 15 degrees of Leo. These 15 degrees of Leo are the halfway point period of the rising of the star Sirius. But depending on your location and if it is a leap year, 15 Leo does not always fall on August 8th. Next year in 2024 for example, 15 degrees of Leo actually falls on August 7th. 

What the internet community is raving about is the numerology and significance behind 88. In numerology the number 8 represents achievements, ambition, success. It is connected with the energy of Saturn which is the planet of karma but also determination, hard work and achievements. When the number 8 appears twice as 88, its power is amplified, indicating a strong potential for success, manifestation and financial prosperity. On a more spiritual note, 88 also represents infinity and DNA activation making this energy perfect for spiritual evolution and abundance.  

It's important to note however that the ancients have harnessed the energy of Sirius and other cosmic and astrological alignments not by following calendar dates but rather by following the stars. In fact, our calendar system is relatively new and was adopted in 1582. That's less than 500 years ago! 

Personally, I don't focus too much on the calendar system for many reasons, but that's a topic for another day. Yeah, 8/8 is cool and the fact that the date 8/8 sort of aligns with Sirius rising is amazing. But again, the alignment with Sirius starts since late July and its peak is not always exact on August 8th.  

Attuning to the cosmic energy of Sirius is not a one-day event. In fact, there is another astrological alignment with Sirius when our Sun conjuncts Sirius during Cancer season. As mentioned earlier, the star Sirius sits at 14 degrees of Cancer, and every year between July 4th and July 6th (again depending on the calendar) our Sun joins Sirius at this exact degree as we receive Sirius' high frequency energy. Interestingly, this conjunction coincides with the US Independence Day, and it is no surprise that the founding fathers picked July 4th to sign the declaration of independence. They knew what they were doing!

So, what should we do on 8/8?

Whatever we want or feel like doing! We don’t “have” to do anything and there is no manual. In my opinion, this energy is amazing for spiritual growth and tuning into our heart. Because we are in Leo season, opening our heart and connecting with our heart chakra is ideal. Taking the time to connect inwards and allowing ourselves to open up to our heart's desires and true passion. The heightened energies during this time can help us gain clarity and insight into our life's purpose. 

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