Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio

On May 5th, 2023 we have a Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Scorpio.

Eclipses are supercharged lunations associated with fate and destiny that help us realign with our path. They bring major changes and transformation to our lives which is why major life changes can happen quickly during eclipses. A lunar eclipse occurs on a Full Moon when the Moon moves into the Earth’s shadow. Meaning that the Earth is blocking the Sun’s light to the Moon.

Scorpio Energy

Scorpio is a fixed water signed ruled by Mars the planet of action and aggression, and by Pluto the planet of death and re-birth. Scorpio is the sign associated with transformation, depth, intensity, death and re-birth, and emotional healing.

The Scorpio energy is intense and powerful as it brings us the opportunity to go to the depths of our shadows, of our fears and of our hidden emotions. It brings us face to face with our whole selves and has the ability to dive deep into the emotional realm and uncover hidden truths and hidden parts of ourselves. Scorpio forces us to accept and embrace our shadows and our raw truth in order to transform and to alchemize those energies.

This Lunar Eclipse wants to heal and transform.

Lunar eclipses may bring sudden endings to our lives depending on where the eclipse falls in our birth chart. They are amplified Full Moons supercharged with intensity. They help bring endings or closure to a particular situation or phase in our lives, but can also bring new beginnings and opportunities for growth and transformation.

The main themes with this Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio are about endings, healing, and transforming. It’s about diving deep into our fears and trauma, and transmuting our shadows and emotional triggers. Scorpio inspires us to be our own healer and to do the shadow work. Shadow work is one of the deepest work and healing technique we can do for ourselves. It’s asking us to clear out outdated patterns to welcome in the new energies. Scorpio is not afraid to face the ugly.

For journal prompts and reflection, more details about the Scorpio eclipse and how it will impact your sign, check out our Moonguide pdf here 


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